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SWS Town Hall Meeting
Thursday November 5, 10:00 a.m. PDT
Cost: FREE

Discussion with the Stan Winston School Team! Joined by SWSCA co-founder Matt Winston & Creative Director, John Ales.

The Maker's World
Recorded Thursday October 1st

Want to find out the best way to share shop space and more importantly... to collaborate and share ideas? Join us for this Free Webinar with Model Maker & Guru of the MAKER SPACE SCENE, Fon Davis (STAR WARS, PEARL HARBOR, STARSHIP TROOPERS), who will crack open the discussion on how building your art in the environment of a group can get your work to the next level. Fon will be joined by SWSCA co-founder Matt Winston & Creative Director, John Ales.

Monsters & Myth with Ted Haines
Recorded Thursday September 3rd

An in-depth MONSTER MYTH discussion with SWSCA instructor and veteran character creator Ted Haines (From Dusk Till Dawn, Blade II, The Muppets) and Co-Founders Matt Winston and Erich Grey Litoff.

The Business of Making Monsters with Shannon Shea

Recorded Thursday August 6th

Want to turn your creative passion into a career? Join us for this Free Webinar with veteran creature creator & producer Shannon Shea (Jurassic Park, Predator, Men in Black 3), who will share valuable tips on the BUSINESS side of character creation & insider stories from his 30 years in the FX industry. Shea will be joined by SWSCA co-founders Matt Winston & Erich Grey Litoff.

Group Learning for Schools and Organizations
Recorded Thursday July 9th

Calling all art students, teachers and administrators, in this Free Webinar, you'll learn all about Stan Winston School's exciting new "Creature Class" initiative with Director of SWSCA Group Learning, Jon Robertson and Co-Founders Matt Winston and Erich Grey Litoff. If you're a student, teacher or administrator looking to take arts education to the next level at your school.

Living the life of a Professional Artist
Recorded Thursday June 11th

Join this candid & informative webinar about "The Professional Artist's Life" with SWSCA instructor & master makeup effects artist, Bruce Spaulding Fuller (Terminator 2, Army of Darkness, Resident Evil: Extinction). To save your free online seat, simply REGISTER NOW and we'll send you a confirmation email with instructions on how to join the conversation on June 11th.

User Experience - SUBSCRIBERS ONLY
Recorded Thursday May 28th

A discussion about the Stan Winston School website and general customer experience with Co-Founders Matt Winston and Erich Grey Litoff, with Creative Director John Ales and Marketing Director Andy Franco.