FREE MINI LESSON! Make latex zombie flesh with HELLRAISER's FX Wiz.

A FREE special effects makeup tutorial by Hellraiser's Gary J. Tunnicliffe on making zombie flesh out of latex aka The Nurney.

Dec 5, 2012


With Gary J. Tunnicliffe

Ever wonder why Jack's neck wiggles and jiggles just so in AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON? Well Rick Baker designed it that way!

This brilliant technique for creating bits of dangling cartilegey skin-like tissue bits costs next to nothing and will add to your makeup kit in ways you can't even imagine. "I make nurnies all the time and if you come to work for me and you are a runner I will have you making nurnies." says Hellraiser's maestro of gore effects, Gary J. Tunnicliffe (Check out his throat slash lesson HERE!)

Pictured Above: Gary demonstrates how a Nurney might fit.

Gary continues, "Nurnies are a name in the industry for little rubber gnarly kind of things. Very, very useful in zombie movies to put between wounds for biting apart. You can dress them on creatures; you can dress them in as gore. Very, very handy thing to have."


"I’m a great believer in multi-tasking, if you are doing one thing don’t sit and wait for something to dry. There’s nothing worse than walking in a shop and somebody sitting there doing nothing, 'What are you doing?' 'I’m waiting for this to dry. It’s nearly dry.' Y’know it’s like, 'Well do something else. Sweep up, clean up. I don’t care. Make a nurney.’"

Pictured Above: The bored squid waiting for something to dry is every shop owner's pet peeve. Do something with that extra time! Make a NURNEY!


"Brush a few layers of liquid latex out onto a clean surface and blow dry between layers. Small surface, small nurney. BIG SURFACE, BIG NURNEY."

Pictured Above: After the brushed latex is set, Gary peels, pulls, folds and rolls the dried rubber into an organic, blistery mesh.

Pictured Above: As the nurney forms, Gary pats it down with powder to keep it manageable to handle.

Pictured Above: Here's a small one. Imagine a table sized swath!


"Now, it doesn’t look like much in a small amount because this is only a small nurney but if you make big tables of these things, what you end up with is something that if you put it between two wounds or put it in a zombie’s mouth and they pull it causes a great breaking effect that looks like skin or cartilage tearing." 

Gary holds one up to his face, adoringly.

"You can hang that at the bottom of a piece of neck or if someone has a wound hanging and covered in blood it looks like a bit of cartilage or a bit of tissue. Quite often in makeup effect shops we'll have boxes of nurnies and they’re very handy for dressing on the edge of a wound or on the end of a neck and what they do is they kind of, they wobble around beautifully.'

Pictured Above: Gary adoringly tries one on for size.


"If you want to see an amazing example of a nurney, where a nurney upstaged an actor? When Rick Baker did the 'Jack' makeup for AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON... Jack’s a character who’s all eaten away and has a little nurney on a part of his wound and during the scene the entire thing just keeps on jiggling like that. I implore you to go back and watch it. I think Rick Baker talks about it. How it’s the star of the movie. Every time Griffin Dunne moves or talks this little thing jiggles around and it becomes fascinating. You can’t take your eyes off it. A nurney upstaged Griffin Dunne!"

Pictured Above: Griffin Dunne is beaten out of the scene by his own "Nurney" in AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON.


"So that’s how you make Nurnies. While you're making your little device and you're waiting for your latex to set off, make yourself a few nurnies. A few of these in a little zip lock baggy in your makeup effects kit on set -- very, very useful. Always, always incredibly handy. Again, if they are painted they look very organic. Sometimes nice to dress on things. So, there we go. A handy little ‘nurney’ lesson."

-Gary J. Tunnicliffe

Founder Gary J. Tunnicliffe's TWO HOURS IN THE DARK, INC.

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