Four time Academy Award winning character creator, founder of Stan Winston Studio, co-founder of Digital Domain
Academy Award nominated Special Effects Makeup Character Creator, Founder Make-Up Designs, Inc., Co-Founder AFX Studio
Master Hair Artist
Master sculptor known for hyperrealistic portrait work, founder of Adam Beane Industries & inventor of the revolutionary sculpting material Cx5
Academy Award Winning Special Effects Makeup Artist, Monster Maker & Animatronic Character Creator, co-founder of KNB EFX Group
Master sculptor Andy Bergholtz can sculpt anything.
From Marshmallow Man to mind-blowing creatures made from trash bags, Billy Bryan’s light touch brings impossible creatures to life.
Academy Award winning special makeup effects & character creation artist.
A Life Working with Clay and Creating Great Characters, Influenced by a Two Generation Legacy in Hollywood Effects
Animatronic Wizard Craig Caton-Largent has built and puppeteered some of the most iconic creatures in Hollywood
Special Effects Character Creator & Master Monster Maker, key artist Stan Winston Studio & Legacy Effects
Chiodo Bros - Legendary Stop-Motion Animation and Effects Wizards
Aside from being a gifted Creature Effects Mechanic and Sculptor, Peter also teaches at The Art Institute.
Creature Designer, Master Sculptor, Writer & Director
Oscar and Emmy Award-winning makeup artist & master character creator
Mechanical Designer David Covarrubias builds robots for commercials, films..and also to improve people's lives.
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